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Instruments Recently Built or Restored

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I usually build just a few instruments a year. When I complete them I offer them for sale to interested musicians and collectors. If you see something you like I can build one for you to the same specifications. You can specify the tonewoods and finish. All that is required is a $200 refundable deposit. When the instrument is complete, you can decide if you want to proceed with completing the purchase. If the completed instrument does not meet your expectation or your purchase situation has changed, your deposit will be fully refunded. Contact Me if you are interested.



Owner Comments and Reviews

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The custom mandolin you built for me is everything I was hoping it would be. Thanks for much for taking on the project for me!
Joey - Austin

I love the mandolin. It looks amazing and has a great sound. It's monopolized all of my free time since I received it. Seeing the instrument in progress throughout the process was exciting as well. Thanks so much!
Christopher - Hollywood

Your Crystal Forrest F-5 arrived safely this afternoon. WOW! Am I ever impressed. I'm enjoying this magnificent F-5.
Thomas NY

The new mandolin arrived in perfect condition here is Canada. It's perfect. I am very pleased.
Greg - Ontario CAN

... from one woodworker to another, your craftsmanship is impeccable and a thing of beauty...a functional work of art!
I absolutely love it, and will enjoy showing it off! Thank you so much for a wonderful instrument.

Jim - CA

I received my beautiful mandolin in the mail today. I'll definitely recommend your instruments to others on the Mandolin Cafe. :-)
Crystal - NC

I am very impressed with the and finish is perfect as far as I can see.
If any of my friends are looking for a lap steel, I will definitely send them in your direction!

John - WA

Terry, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful instrument you made!
Bill - AR

I got the mandolin today - it is stunning, more beautiful than the pictures, with a clear bright sound that I love. Your stain is perfect- deep reddish-brown that really shows off the flame maple- well done!
Dave - Vancouver

Terry, it's everything I hoped it would be, and possibly more. I've only had a few days with it, and one rehearsal, and I love it more each time I pick it up. Keep up the beautiful work, and do yourself a favor, RAISE your prices! Thank you again.
Scott - OK

I got the mandolin today. It is awesome, Fantastic! Thanks so much.!
Paul - FL

It's a nice tight little oval hole. A good mando at a very reasonable price... Very sweet sound.
Jim - TN

This whole process of having a custom build has surpassed my expectations... I couldn't be happier!
Bill - CA

  I usually build a couple at one time. When I complete them I offer them for sale to interested musicians and collectors. If you would like to be on a list to be notified when something is for sale, use the Contact Me link to email me. I can also build a mandolin to your specifications. Contact me with your wish list.

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