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Vintage Instrument Restorations

1921 Bacon Orchestra Style 2 S/N #5649   
This mandolin banjo was manufactured by the Fred Bacon company in their factory in Groton, CT. Fred Bacon was a premier banjo player in the teens and 20's. Initially, he had instruments made under his name by other manufactures such as Vega, Orpheum and S.S. Stewart. In 1920 he started his own shop with skilled luthiers and started making his own instruments. Bacon primarily made banjos but did offer some high quality mandolin banjos. This is an example of one of his orchestra qaulity instruments that he made. These were for professional muscians and were quite expensive in that day. This instrument sold for around $50. This particular mandolin banjo was introduced for sale between catalog printings so it never appeared in any printed catalogs. It was manufactured for a short time before being replace by a less expensive model. This #5649 is in excellent condition with the original calf skin head. The frets and fretboard have no visible wear. The sound is clear and "bell-like". Have a listen on this sound clip

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