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Welcome to Crystal Forest Instruments!

Finely crafted mandolins, guitars and lap steels
built in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains

I currently specialize in building mandolins (A/N flatops, F-styles), flattop acoustic guitars and lap steel guitars.

About my mandolins

The style of mandolin I primarily build is a clone of the original Gibson oval hole A-N style. This style of mandolin is popular for people playing Old-time, Celtic and Rennaisance music. I also build the traditional F-style mandolin popular with Bluegrass players. For my F-style mandolins I start with a CNC top and back cut for me by Smith Creek. These mandolins have a great sound and will cut through and bluegrass jam.

About my guitars

I started building guitars because so many picking friends were impressed by my mandolins and encouraged me to build a guitar. The guitar had such a great sound that I had more requests and am now offering them for sale as well. I build clones of the orignal pre-war Martins D-28 featuring forward shifted scalloped X-bracing. Every component of the guitar is hand build. You won't find a more powerful guitar that will provide that driving bluegrass rythum.

About my lap steel guitars

My lap steel guitars are all hand built using quality hardwood and components. Woods are generally maple, cherry, walnut or mahongany. I prefer to make real fretboards of ebony or rosewood with real nickel plated steel frets. Inlays for fret markers and peghead logos are cut form mother of pearl. I can install a pickup of your choice. If you are a Dobro or guitar player looking for something different you will find these instruments a great investment.

I finish all of my instuments in natural wood colors using water-based dyes. The finish is protected by several coats of nitrocellulose lacquer with wet sanding between each layer. The instrument then receives a wax and polishing.

Contact Me for current prices, options and availability.
Check the For Sale page for what is available now or will be soon.

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