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Stick Dulcimer/Pick'in Stick Plans

A plan to build an Stick Dulcimer, also called a "pick'in stick". This is an easy-to-play instrument tuned to an open G chord. The frets are spaced to play a diatonic scale, (a seven note, octave-repeating musical scale). There are no bad notes when playing a stick dulcimer. You can build this fun instrument from a variety of woods and inexpensive materials. A great first project for a want-to-be luthier or a fun diversion for an experienced instrument builder.

The plan is provided as a PDF document that is drawn 1:1 scale for printing on 24"x36" media. To get a full-size print of the construction plan you will need to take the PDF to a Quick Print business who can print documents on an ink jet printer that can take 24"x36" media. However, you can also print "sections" of the plan on a smaller printer and tape together for cutting templates as needed.

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