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Lap Steel Guitar Plans

Build yourself a really cool lap steel guitar with these detailed, professionally drawn plans. Plans show complete details drawn full scale (1:1). Complete materials list and sources, wiring details for volume and tone controls, fretboard dimensions and much more. The Photos below show a lap steel guitar built from these exact plans.  

Lap Steel Guitar plan
Lap Steel Guitar frontLap Steel Guitar
Lap Steel Guitar bridge detailLap Steel Guitar
Lap Steel Guitar tuner detailLap Steel Guitar

Construction Photos of guitar built from these plans. You can build this guitar from a variety of woods. The example below is white maple. A 3/4" thick planed board, 72" long x 8" was used. The board was cut in half to get two 36"x8"x3/4" pieces. These pieces where glued together to get an 1 1/2" body block. The outline of the guitar was printed on 8 1/2"x11" paper and taped together. The paper template was traced on the body blank and cut out with a band saw. (You could use a jig saw instead). The headstock/peghead with "thinned" and angle to 3 degrees and 1/2"thick on the band saw. (You could use other saws, planes and chisels to get the peghead shape). The cavities for the electronics and picukp where cut with a forstner bit and a dremel tool.  

Lap Steel Guitar building Lap Steel Guitar

This lap steel guitar features a solid white maple body, rosewood fretboard with low steel frets, custom made polymer clay position markers. Brazilian rosewood peghead veneer and trim plates. Standard lap steel 22 1/2" scale with 2" ebony nut.Kent Armstrong #MP-112K single coil pickup. Telecaster style, fully adjustable bridge. 500k volume and tone pots and standard 1/4" input jack. Grover 18:1 "Sta-tite" tuners. Set up with Morell JMLS-G strings (016, .018, .026N, .040N, .050N, .058N).
Excellent tone!  

Lap Steel Guitar build detail Lap Steel Guitar

Plans are provided in a PDF document that is drawn 1:1 scale for printing on 24"x36" media. To get a full-size print of the construction plan you will need to take the PDF to a Quick Print business who can print documents on an ink jet printer that can take 24"x36" media. However, you can also print "sections" of the plan on a smaller printer and tape together for cutting templates as needed.  

Lap Steel Guitar Lap Steel Guitar

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