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Vintage Instrument Restorations

1915 Weymann Keystone State No 24 mandolin banjo S/N #18526   
This is a 1915 Weymann & Sons Keystone State No 24. Weymann was a maker of high quality banjos and mandolins during the late teens and 20's. The quest was for volume in an era before amplification resulted in a boom of instruments with skins, primarily the banjo, mandolin and guitar. This is a very well preserved example that still looks, plays and sounds great even tho it is 98 years old. The skin is dated 1930. The frets and fretboard has no visible wear. The hardware is all original and there is no rust. The wood is clean and shiny. There are no cracks or other damage to the neck or pot. The model # 24, also reflected the selling price in the year of manufacture, thus, this instrument sold for $24 in 1915.

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